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I am an experienced digital marketing professional with a strong background in developing successful marketing strategies,  managing marketing-focused products, and supporting the growth of creative teams.

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I am a motivated digital marketing professional with a strong background in creativity and design. I have worked in digital marketing for over 4 years and design for over 9 years. I have extensive experience in developing marketing strategies while overseeing marketing focused products and services. My passion and skill for digital marketing alongside my expertise of graphic design, website design, content creation and product development positions me as a valuable asset in achieving business objectives and driving sustainable growth.

With a results-driven approach, I have successfully led a diverse and high-performing team, fostering a collaborative environment that empowers my team to excel in their roles, resulting in increased team productivity and customer satisfaction. Through the effective streamlining and automation of processes, I skillfully developed a website and social media content product and process that allowed my team to exceed targets and deliver exceptional outcomes for businesses.

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My Experience

Digital Marketing

I am a results-driven marketing professional with 4 years of experience in developing and managing digital marketing teams. Over the years I have developed my skills in SEO, social media, content marketing, analytics, and user experience to drive online visibility and growth for small to medium businesses. My data-driven approach has led me to make informed decisions and develop strategies for consistent growth. 

Product Development

I have extensive experience in product development through creating a website and social media services for small to medium businesses. Combining my design and marketing background I successfully created digital marketing services that delivered a positive return for the business and our clients.I also managed a diverse creative team, ensuring on-time project completion and successful campaign launches, while monitoring our process to ensure that our products and strategies consistently exceeded our business goals.

Design & Creativity

My passion for creativity and design drives my works. With over 9 years of experience in graphic design I strive to bring innovation and creativity to all areas of my work. My ability to think outside the box and knowledge in industry standard design practices and software allows me to create visuals that meet the clients objectives. I have a strong understanding of design principles, layout, colour theory, typography and user experience principles. 

Team Management

I have successfully managed and led a diverse team of designers, account managers, copywriters and team leaders to develop high quality digital marketing products. I worked closely with the team to create unique designs and content to ensure they met the clients standard. I managed projects from concept to delivery while fostering a culture of creativity. I helped to maintain strong client relationships while facilitating team growth through regular evaluations. 

Web Design

I have worked as an innovative web designer with a strong background in creating user friendly and visually appealing websites for small to medium businesses. I have designed and developed custom websites and landing pages for a variety of businesses. I worked closely with the client to understand their brand and goals and developed a website to meet their specific needs. I also implemented SEO best practices to ensure all websites were improved for search engine visibility.

Social Media

I have worked to create engaging social media content for small to medium businesses. I have developed and executed content strategies for social media platforms such as instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Google My Business that have resulted in increased engagement and brand visibility. Through creating visually appealing and informative content I have used analytics to track performance and adapt strategies for optimal results. 


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